About Madeira Island

Madeira is a part of Portugal located in the Atlantic Ocean at 32† North Latitude and about 250 miles west of Casablanca, Morocco.

The island is the tip of a gigantic mountain sticking up out of the ocean floor. Needless to say the island is mountainous. Due to the steepness of the mountain itself the ocean reaches a depth of 2000 metres (6500 feet) a very short distance from the shore. The fishing lines can be put out as the boat is leaving the harbour.

The capital is Funchal. A lovely town with many shops and resturants and all manner of interesting sights.
There are 2 fine golf courses on the island. The Botanical Gardens are world famous. The hiking trails are breathtaking (both for the views and the terrain if you are not in good shape). In short there is plenty to do besides fish in Maderia.

Do not fail to sample the local wine. Madeira wine is famous and the bottles you usually get at home do not begin to do justice to the proper stuff. They also make a local drink called Poncha which is worth a try—- a small mouthful please.

If you want to do beaches, there are wonderful beaches on the next island about 2 hours by ferry boat. It makes a great day trip in good weather.

Sea conditions are mostly calm as the N.E. Trades blow during the Summer making a lee on the south side of the island. Funchal is in that lee with the fishing grounds close by.

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