About Katherine B

The Katherine B is based upon a Nelson 40. This is a Nelson Mark I hull built by Halmatic on the Isle of Wight in the U.K.

Originally built and commissioned by the Royal Navy as a gun boat for use in Abu Dhabi.

* Hull number P402
* original commission 1967
* Total rebuild and refit 1997
* Length 40 feet
* Beam 12 ft.
* Draft 3 ft 3 inches
* Net weight 9 tons
* Construction G.R.P.(glass reinforced plastic)(usually called fibreglass)
* Engines: Twin Diesel Perkins V8 540, each 177 HP
* Electric toilet, Galley and Ice Boxes.
* Berths: Five full size.
* Insurance: Lloyds full cover and 3rd party for 12
* Electronics: Auto Pilot. VHF Radio. Garmin GPS.
* Life rafts: 2 EPIRB’s 406

All fishing tackle supplied at no charge.
Standard equipment 4 x 130 Penn International with extra 80, 50, and spinning gear.

Anglers should discuss light tackle requirements beforehand.

We have two custom harnesses that will fit most anglers from small to extra large.
XXX large could be a problem.

We supply all the lures and use a full range of Big T, Andy Moyes – Moldcraft – Top Gun – JB Lures Australia etc.

You can bring your own favourite lure but please ask the crew to check the rigging first.

I like to fish with SUFIX Hi-Vis Mono Top Shots and Dacron Backing, all supplied by Bass Pro Off Shore Angler.

You can bring your own gear but please check with me first.